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AI powered web assistant

BLUF is a Chrome Extension that uses ChatGPT to answer questions about the page you are on. It can provide summaries of the page and handle up to 50k words! Available in Chrome and Firefox.


BLUF stands as an AI-enhanced Chrome extension crafted to assist users in acquiring succinct responses, summaries, and clarifications while they navigate web content. This tool is designed to improve efficiency and focus by cutting through the excess information and delivering the core message directly to the user.

In terms of compatibility, BLUF currently functions on Chrome and Firefox browsers, with plans to expand its reach to other browsers in the future. This allows a wide range of users to benefit from the extension's capabilities without being limited by their browser choice.

When discussing prompts within BLUF, they are defined as any interaction a user has with the extension. This could be a text query, a command for a summary, or a request for an explanation of a webpage. Impressively, BLUF counts multiple questions within a single message as one prompt, enhancing user experience by not quickly depleting their prompt allowance. Moreover, BLUF ensures fairness in usage by not counting any prompt that it fails to process towards the user's monthly quota.

The extension is also versatile in its functionalities. Users can utilize the prompt feature to request summaries or explanations of pages. However, this feature is tailored to be most effective with shorter content. For more extensive content, BLUF provides specialized summarize and explain buttons that are better suited to handle large volumes of information, ensuring users receive the most accurate and efficient results.

Lastly, BLUF is designed with user privacy in mind, focusing on collecting only non-content related usage data. While it requires processing the content of your prompts to deliver its service, it does not store this information. OpenAI, BLUF's backend processor, holds onto the data for no longer than 30 days, aligning with their data retention policy, thereby prioritizing user privacy and data security.

Take control of your browsing with BLUF – the tool that brings the essentials of the web to your fingertips.

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