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A collective knowledge base for your SQL queries.


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Turn your SQL into a living, searchable repository of data knowledge base. Empower teams to share best practices and collaborate on data projects.

More than just a repository, we offer tools to assist with data.

The SQL note taking app that can track version history, analyze your queries, identify the tables, columns, and relationships involved, generate data dictionary — and more.

Datascale is a cloud-based SQL knowledge base that functions as a comprehensive SQL note-taking app. It enables users to track version history, analyze queries, identify tables, columns, relationships, and generate a data dictionary.

Datascale offers visualization tools to convert SQL relationships into lineage flows and ER diagrams, facilitates organizing queries into collections and categories, and provides a platform for sharing queries and implementing best practices.

Datascale is designed to optimize SQL productivity by making queries reusable, shareable, and easily searchable, thus acting as a second brain for SQL professionals.

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