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Galactic Crew

Grow your brand organically while keeping costs lean


Growth Starter

$3199 $3900 / monthly
You save $701

Maximize your brand's reach with minimal fixed costs using Galactic Crew, the content creation service designed for organic growth and founder-optimized efficiency.

Embrace a fully asynchronous workflow, allowing you to bypass unnecessary calls and focus on what your audience desires.

Enjoy the flexibility of low commitments and no hiring paperwork, perfect for lean startups.

Experience rapid delivery with unique, personalized content crafted and delivered within 2 days, offering 300%+ value by leveraging the expertise of 3 marketers for one fixed fee.

Benefit from unlimited content requests and a frictionless, asynchronous collaboration process that ensures you're always satisfied with the outcome. Choose Galactic Crew for content that resonates with your brand and propels your vision forward.

Galactic Crew is a flexible alternative to spending over $100k/y on hiring full-time social media managers and content writers, without compromising on content quality. We know how important runway is to founders!

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