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Create interactive product demos effortlessly


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$20 $24 / monthly
You save $4

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$192 $240 / annual
You save $48

Guidejar simplifies the process of creating interactive product guides and demos. You can easily captivate, inform, and prompt action without the complexities of video editing.

How Guidejar Works:

  1. Capture Workflow: Start by clicking 'Start Capture' on the Guidejar browser extension. This records your process as you walk through it. When done, click 'Stop Capture'.

  2. Customization: Tailor your content by adjusting click targets, modifying text annotations, adding images, and incorporating your company's branding.

  3. Sharing: Share your guides with ease - either via shareable links or by embedding them on your website.

Key Features:

Guidejar streamlines the creation of informative product guides and demos. It's a user-friendly solution that enhances customer support and engagement, eliminating the need for complex video editing.

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