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Turn your Apple Notes into a website with Montaigne


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$12 $9.6 / lifetime
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Montaigne enables you to seamlessly convert your Apple Notes into a fully functional website, blog, or portfolio. Think of it as a tool that eradicates the hurdles of website development, making it easier than ever to share your thoughts, projects, or creativity with the world.

How Does It Work?

  1. Set Up Your Content: Simply create a dedicated folder within Apple Notes.

  2. Connect with Montaigne: Link your folder to Montaigne.

  3. Publish Your Notes: Add your desired content in the form of notes.

  4. Go Live: Your content gets published to the web automatically.

Once set up, your site can encompass a plethora of elements, from text and images to videos and audio. The sky's the limit!

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