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Narrative BI

Turn your data into narratives

Narrative BI is a generative analytics platform for growth teams that automatically turns raw data into actionable narratives. Connect your data in two clicks and get insights in minutes.

Key Features:

  1. Personalized Data Narratives: Provides a feed of personalized narratives, highlighting anomalies and unusual patterns in your data.

  2. Comprehensive Metrics Dashboard: Access all key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and goals under one roof.

  3. Natural Language Generation: Delivers insights in clear, understandable English, making complex data accessible to all team members.

  4. Anomaly Detection: Offers 24/7 monitoring of your data, alerting you to significant spikes or unusual activities.

  5. Scheduled Reports: Receive automated reports on key metrics via email or Slack.

  6. In-Narrative Collaboration: Mention team members directly in insights for efficient collaboration.

  7. Slack Integration: Receive insights and alerts directly in Slack, facilitating easy communication within teams.

Narrative BI features integrations with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, among others, and promises effortless integration with your favorite data sources.

Narrative BI is positioned as a tool that turns complex data into meaningful narratives, helping growth teams and business leaders make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Its emphasis on AI-generated insights and easy integration makes it a valuable asset for businesses looking to leverage their data for growth.

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