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Turn mentions into leads with auto-replies



$19 $29 / monthly
You save $10


$39 $49 / monthly
You save $10


$89 $99 / monthly
You save $10

I found a good way to promote my business on Reddit and Twitter. I tracked mentions of thematic keywords that I could reply to and propose my business. And it was quite effective and brought me new customers.

But this took me 1-2 hours every day (that’s more than 30 hours a month). And I decided to try to automate this using AI. And I succeeded. This is how Replyze appeared, with the help of which you can turn mentions into leads using auto replies.

How does Replyze work?

  1. You create a project and add keywords (AI will offer you personalized keywords that will help you attract leads).

  2. Our robot starts tracking mentions of your keywords in real time.

  3. AI analyzes every mention and selects those that can offer your product.

  4. AI generates relevant personal responses to selected mentions.

  5. Robot publishes answers using one of our social network accounts (our accounts are included in all plans, you do not need to add yours).

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