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Hire a senior designer for the price of a coffee

Roasti provides constructive criticism and feedback on design files and websites, offering senior-level support to help improve design quality and achieve pixel perfection.

Users can submit their Figma files, web apps, or landing pages to receive constructive criticism from senior designers. The process is straightforward: users upload a file or share a link to their design, and within 72 hours, they receive senior-level feedback on how to enhance their design. This service is designed to help users achieve pixel perfection in their digital designs.

Roasti supports a variety of file types and links, not limited to Figma. For websites and other file types, Roasti uses to annotate designs with suggestions. Additionally, Roasti offers a user-test video service. In this service, users provide a task, and Roasti records a session of completing that task, sharing thoughts and feedback throughout.

This service is designed to be affordable and accessible, making senior designer expertise available for a fraction of the usual cost. It is ideal for designers looking to refine their work, get an experienced perspective, or overcome specific design challenges. Roasti emphasizes the value of critical yet constructive feedback, aimed at fostering success and growth in design endeavors.

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