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Create quality content for your blog fast

Topyc is an AI content tool that helps to quickly grow your websites without a content team or advanced SEO skills.

For online platforms, including Ecommerce sites, blogs, niche sites, directories, and more. Our platform facilitates the rapid creation, scheduling, and publication of optimized content at scale, all without the need for a dedicated content team or advanced SEO knowledge. Powered by the latest advancements in AI technology, including GPT-4 and Claude, Topyc enables users to produce well-researched, SEO-optimized content in minutes.

It makes writing articles super easy and it's super quick. They're always updating it to make it easier for people like me who are not Tech savvy in the least.

Key benefits include:

Our tool is highly customizable to fit the unique needs of your project. By adding information about your brand and allowing Topyc to crawl your website, we offer smart calls to action and automatic internal linking to enhance your content's effectiveness. Features include control over word length, from concise 700-word articles to in-depth content of 3000 words or more, and the ability to personalize the tone and voice to match your desired author persona. Topyc also offers options for AI-powered internal links, editing article briefs and outlines before full content generation, and controlling citation types, including natural inline linking and various academic formats.

Topyc goes beyond traditional GPT limitations by performing real-time research through Google Search and Google Scholar, ensuring your content includes current information and data post-2021. Our AI-powered research process can extend your content with information tables and images, include citations and external links to reputable websites, and suggest semantically related keywords to maximize topical authority. Users have the option to add custom research links and block competitor domains from being mentioned or linked in their content.

Designed for efficiency and scalability, Topyc allows direct publishing to WordPress or DropInBlog, automating the creation of multiple articles organized in topical clusters. This collaboration between GPT-4 and Claude ensures the production of content that meets high-quality standards. With Topyc, you gain control over citations and links, benefit from integrated AI content detection, and can trust in the privacy assurance that your data and content remain confidential.

Our platform is ideal for creating a content plan that establishes topical authority with ease. By leveraging Topyc's AI to automatically generate organized clusters of topics and subtopics, users can ensure comprehensive coverage and an SEO-friendly content structure. Topyc is the ultimate solution for effortlessly generating optimized content for entire websites, offering daily content suggestions that are automatically crafted to your specifications and ready for publishing, thus streamlining your content workflow.

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