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Almo Chat

Customer engagement and support copilot platform for companies to build stronger customer relationships.

Almo platform offers of 3 primary modules and various Secondary/support modules. The 3 Primary modules are:

1. Almo Chat: An AI-powered chatbot that is trained on your content (Website and Documents) that accurately imitates the conversational skills of a human.

2. Genie Co-pilot: A Powerful sidekick for your Support team that is trained on all your Support tickets and Knowledge Base to generate automated responses to help tickets.

3. Marvin Agents: AI agents trained on SOPs (a specific set of rules) for your partners and customers to simplify recurring tasks such as Partner Onboarding, Refund Management, Order Management, and Internal communications.

The Secondary / Modules that help improve our customers’ operations are

1. Customer Sentiment Analysis: Deep Consumer Analytics based on their interactions with bots and humans during different phases of their journey. This helps determine Customer loyalty, segment customers into groups based on various factors and help determine corrective measures in the overall approach towards customer Support.

2. Integrations: Our platform Integrates with various platforms already used by our customers for various aspects of Customer engagement. Almo integrates with them to provide a seamless Support Experience.

3. Organisational Training: Since Almo is trained on all the Knowledge base of the company, it can easily act as a training co-pilot for new recruits and answer any of their questions regarding the Customer support and Experience process.

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