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A partnership management platform that empowers businesses to boost revenue sustainably with customized partner programs.

Partnero is a comprehensive partnership management tool that allows you to boost your revenue by launching a bespoke affiliate program with a focus on partner experience.

Key Features of Partnero:

  1. Affiliate Program Management: Facilitates partnerships with affiliates to expand market reach, increase conversions, and enter new markets.

  2. Referral Program Management: Helps engage customers, improve retention, and reduce user acquisition costs.

  3. Newsletter Referral Program: Aims to grow subscriber lists, drive sales, enhance email engagement, and cultivate customer loyalty.

  4. Partner Experience Design: Offers a white-label partner portal customizable to a brand's specific needs, including dashboard layout and program emails.

  5. Customizable Program and Commission Terms: Allows detailed control over how and when partners are rewarded, with customizable affiliate program settings.

  6. Automated Payouts: Integrates with PayPal Mass Pay and Wise for streamlined, efficient partner payments.

  7. Real-time Reporting: Provides insights into program performance, payout analytics, and affiliate traffic to optimize return on investment.

  8. Partner Hub: Supplies partners with essential tools for promotion, such as custom links, QR codes, and reporting facilities.

  9. Dynamic Rewards and Coupon Codes: Offers varied compensation to motivate partners and provides coupon codes for tracking promotions.

  10. Integration with Multiple Platforms: Compatible with various e-commerce, payment, and automation platforms, ensuring seamless integration into existing tech stacks.

  11. Multiple Program Management: Enables the creation and customization of numerous unique programs from a single dashboard.

  12. Intuitive Partner Management and Collaboration Tools: Features include custom approval questionnaires, performance tracking, and team collaboration capabilities.

With Partnero, you can fully customize program settings: adjust commission rates, type & period, cookie lifetime and referral links. Track program performance, manage partner accounts, set individual commission rates, and provide your partners with a white-labeled partner portal.

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