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Ultra video & image compression

Compress your video and image with up to 90% file size reduction without significant loss of quality while working totally offline.

Key features of CompressX include:

  1. High Compression Efficiency: CompressX can reduce file sizes by up to 90%, making it a powerful tool for managing large video and image files.

  2. Offline Functionality: The application works entirely offline, ensuring users can compress files without the need for an internet connection.

  3. Support for Various Formats: CompressX supports multiple video formats, including MP4 and WebM, and is compatible with transparent videos.

  4. Quality Options: Users have the flexibility to choose from five quality options, allowing them to balance compression and quality as per their needs.

  5. Mac Compatibility: The app is optimized for macOS, supporting both Mac Intel and Apple Silicon, and requires macOS 13 or higher.

  6. Raycast Extension Integration: CompressX includes an integrated Raycast extension, enhancing its functionality and user experience.

  7. User Adoption and Trust: The application is trusted and used by a significant number of users, as indicated on the website.

  8. Productivity Enhancement: CompressX is designed to boost productivity by reducing file sizes while maintaining similar video quality, making it easier to store, share, and manage media files.

Overall, CompressX is a comprehensive solution for users looking to efficiently compress videos and images while retaining quality, particularly beneficial for those working with large files in environments where space and bandwidth are at a premium.

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