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Streamlining prompt creation, testing, and deployment for LLMs.

Langtail is designed to empower developers in creating, testing, and launching LLM powered products. With a focus on enhancing team collaboration and efficiency, it provides a set of unique tools and features tailored to the needs of developers working on generative AI models.

Langtail simplifies the development and testing of Deepnote AI, enabling our team to focus on further integrating AI features into our product

Here's how Langtail can benefit you:

Rapid Prototyping: Use our visual editor to experiment with and refine model prompts, making the prototyping process easy and intuitive.

Easy Deployment: Deploy your prompts at various stages, from preview to production, integrating effortlessly into your workflow.

In-depth Analytics: Gain comprehensive insights into every prompt, including performance statistics and cost tracking, to make informed decisions.

Integrated Testing: Test your prompts using our integrated environment to ensure their performance and expected behavior.

Multiple API Support: Choose from supported APIs like OpenAI and Azure OpenAI, with more providers to be added in the future, for flexibility in your AI development.

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