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Automate thousands of checks and eliminate human errors in source code and cloud infrastructure


$449 $499 / annual
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A simple and powerful DevSecOps software to automate thousands of checks and eliminate human errors in Source Code and Cloud Infrastructure. Integrateable into anything.

Reduce MTTD & MTTR with full coverage within minutues using. Full DevSecOps toolchain across your all environments. Implementing and collecting evidence as part of your Continuous Security.  Unified and de-duplicated across all the layers we orchestrate: IDE-Code-Pipeline-Cloud-Runtime.

BetterScan is a cloud-native cybersecurity software focused on both cloud and application security. It's a DevSecOps tool, designed to automate security checks and reduce human errors in source code and cloud infrastructure. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

  1. Comprehensive DevSecOps Toolchain: BetterScan offers a full DevSecOps toolchain, which covers a range of environments including IDE, code, pipeline, cloud, and runtime. This comprehensive coverage helps to reduce the Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) significantly, ensuring full coverage within minutes. The toolchain is unified and de-duplicated across all layers, streamlining security implementation and evidence collection as part of continuous security processes​​.

  2. Single Platform for Modern Technologies: The platform understands modern technologies and is callable via REST API. It's integratable with CI/CD systems, offering a lightweight, fast, and secure solution. The "plug out" approach implies ease of use and minimal setup requirements, making it accessible and efficient for users​​.

  3. Source Available and Self-Hosted Options: BetterScan provides a source available solution, ensuring complete control and transparency. This feature is especially beneficial for consultants, integrators, or SaaS setups as it allows payment only upon profiting from its use. The option for self-hosting ensures 100% code control and transparency, adding an extra layer of security and customization​​.

  4. Compatibility and Extensive Coverage: The software is trivial to set up, requires no software installation, and is compatible with a wide range of programming languages and technologies. It covers a multitude of security aspects, including infrastructure as code (IaC) security, secret scanning, and software composition analysis (SCA). is equipped to handle everything from OWASP TOP 10 to complex dependency and supply chain risks, making it a versatile tool for diverse security needs​​.

  5. Efficient Issue Detection and Management: BetterScan detects thousands of code and infrastructure issues, functioning as a Swiss army knife tool for Static Application Security Testing (SAST). It offers a unified report accessible via a web interface or command-line interface (CLI), providing actionable insights. This feature enables users to review issues, mark false positives, and collaborate on resolving security problems effectively​​​​​​.

  6. Speed and Flexibility: The platform is noted for its fast performance due to incremental/differential snapshots analysis. Users have the flexibility to choose between a browser interface or CLI for accessing and managing the software, depending on their preference or needs​​​​.

  7. Integrations with Other Systems: BetterScan offers countless integration options with other systems and platforms, enhancing its usability and adaptability in different IT environments​​.

In summary, BetterScan is a powerful DevSecOps software that automates security checks, reduces human error, and ensures comprehensive security coverage for both cloud infrastructure and applications. Its flexibility, extensive compatibility, and advanced features make it a suitable choice for a wide range of users, from individual developers to large enterprises seeking robust cybersecurity solutions.

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