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Listnr AI

Bring your written content to life, create realistic AI voiceovers in seconds using Listnr.

Create realistic audio and video content in seconds. Choose from over 900+ voices in 142 different languages or create your own voice.

Trusted by 1 million+ users.

Listnr AI is a versatile platform offering a range of services for generating AI-powered audio and video content. Here are some of its key features:

  1. AI Voice Generation: Listnr AI provides over 1000 realistic AI voices in 142 languages, complete with emotional expression, catering to a global audience​​.

  2. Voice Cloning: The platform allows for the creation of realistic AI voice clones using just 6 seconds of voice data, enabling users to generate multilingual AI voiceovers with their own voice​​​​.

  3. Text to Video Generation: Users can easily create videos using Listnr AI’s text to video generator, choosing from a wide range of voices​​.

  4. Audio Articles and Podcasts: The service turns blog posts into audio articles for distribution on platforms like Spotify and also helps create podcasts using text-to-speech technology​​​​.

  5. AI Voiceovers: Listnr AI offers realistic AI voiceovers for video content, providing a choice from over 900 voices​​.

  6. eLearning Material Creation: The platform facilitates the creation of eLearning material, with AI voices capable of accurately pronouncing terminologies and nuances​​.

  7. API Integration: Listnr AI’s API allows for the integration of realistic AI voices into applications and processes​​.

  8. Export Features: Users can create and export lifelike text-to-speech audio in both WAV and MP3 formats in less than a minute​​.

  9. Transparent Pricing: Listnr AI offers transparent pricing options without hidden costs, making it accessible to a wide range of users​​.

  10. Free Trial and Student Plans: New users can start with 1,000 free words at signup. The platform offers an affordable student plan for $9/month, which includes 4,000 words per month​​​​​​.

  11. Commercial Distribution Rights: Paid plans include commercial distribution rights, granting users ownership of the audio created on Listnr​​.

In summary, Listnr AI is a comprehensive tool for creating professional-grade audio and video content, including voice cloning, podcasts, eLearning material, and voiceovers, with a focus on ease of use, language diversity, and affordability.

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