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AI fashion model tool for fashion brands, retailers and creative agencies.

Opulli transforms fashion marketing with AI-generated models. These models are highly customizable digital avatars tailored to specific looks and styles, enabling quick and efficient production. Opulli creates digital avatars based on real models, extending their careers digitally and ensuring consistent representation in campaigns.


  • AI-generated models: Customizable digital avatars tailored to specific looks and styles.

  • Real model likeness licensing: Digital avatars based on real models for consistent representation.

  • Rapid product launches and A/B testing: Quick generation of marketing visuals and strategy optimization.

  • Diverse representation: Models of various ethnicities and body types.

  • Sustainability: Reduces need for physical samples, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

  • User-friendly interface: Intuitive navigation accessible without extensive training.

  • Advanced AI and machine learning: High-resolution lifelike digital models.

  • Seamless workflow integration: Easy import of visuals into existing software.

  • Support and resources: Detailed documentation, tutorials, and customer support.

  • Future developments: Continuous feature improvements and enhanced AI realism.

Opulli supports rapid product launches and A/B testing, allowing fashion brands to quickly generate marketing visuals and stay ahead of trends while optimizing strategies. Diverse representation is a key feature, with models of various ethnicities and body types, resonating with broad audiences.

Sustainability is integral to Opulli, as it reduces the need for physical samples, minimizing waste and environmental impact, aligning with sustainable practices. The user-friendly interface offers intuitive navigation accessible without extensive training, enhancing marketing efforts for fashion brands, retailers, and creative agencies.

Opulli integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, allowing easy import of generated visuals without significant process disruption. It utilizes advanced AI and machine learning to create lifelike digital models with high-resolution outputs. Support and resources include detailed documentation, tutorials, and customer support to maximize the platform's potential.

Future developments for Opulli include continuous feature improvements, additional customization options, and enhanced AI technology for greater realism. This empowers fashion brands to create captivating, inclusive, and sustainable product visuals with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

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