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The AI partnering tool for creators and brands

PartnerWise gives creators access to aggregated data of over 103,000 brands across 27 industries in the US. Creators from anywhere around the world can pick their industry, choose a brand, and generate a pitch with AI in seconds. Brands and Agencies can also create an account and post a creator job to our entire user base of talented creators in seconds.

Built with the emerging career path of content creation in mind, PartnerWise is designed as the modern partnership & prospecting tool for the creator economy, while utilizing the power of AI. The home feed presents to creators curated brands that align with the creator’s demographics and interests, along with providing the opportunity for the creator to discover relevant insights about the brand such as revenue, audience size, and contact information.

AI comes in to play with premium access to creators, which gives them the ability to generate a unique and personalized pitch, and then copy it to paste on the brand’s social channels, all in a few clicks.

At scale, this massively improves the outreaching and prospecting process for creators and brands and the product is constantly iterated with new features based on early feedback.

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