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Hire talent that’s off the market through community referrals


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$999 $2472 / annual
You save $1473

Have you ever wondered how to tap into the immense potential of professional networks to find the perfect candidate? At Recrooit, we've made it an art, not a science. 

Start hiring in 60 seconds. Did you know that 94% of candidates are more likely to apply if they hear about the role from their peers? With Recrooit, companies gain access to previously untapped talent pools, harvesting both applicants and referrals. Set the job description, set the bounty - and you’re off!

Streamline hiring process. To ensure a seamless experience for candidates, Recrooit offers an array of free ATS (Applicant Tracking System) features for companies. Manage your candidates effortlessly and create a captivating career page at absolutely no cost. 

Boost your employer branding. As a startup, you may be in the early stages of your journey, striving to gain recognition and credibility among experienced professionals. And this is precisely where Recrooit offers a unique advantage. When candidates are sourced and hired through your employees' referrals, it sends a powerful message: that your company values its people, trusts their networks, and recognizes the importance of community collaboration.

🍒 For the cherry on top, every hire comes with a Risk-Free Replacement Guarantee for the first 30 days. That means, if you don't quite click with the talent you hired, you'll get a replacement on us! 

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