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Recruiting software for small businesses

LessHire is a recruiting and hiring software designed to streamline the hiring process for teams, particularly those needing a quick and efficient solution. The platform offers several features to enhance the recruitment experience:

  1. Branded Careers Site: Users receive a customizable, branded careers site to post job openings and review candidates. This site can be tailored using an easy editor or with HTML/CSS code​​​​.

  2. Job Creation with Customized Questions: LessHire allows for the creation of job listings with customizable questions, including short answers, multiple-choice, or automatic disqualification options​​.

  3. Job Announcement and Candidate Review: Users can announce job openings on their website, job boards, and social networks. The platform provides tools for reviewing candidates, including video interviews, assessments, and evaluations​​​​.

  4. Automated Email Templates: The software enables sending automated emails for application confirmations, rejections, and other communications​​.

  5. Event Scheduling and Integration: LessHire allows for the scheduling of events like in

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