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iMessage & SMS for business

Sendblue allows you to connect with your leads, customers, and community with iMessage & SMS. A functional toolset that allows you to replace your entire existing SMS & calling infrastructure very easily without code.

Sendblue is a unique iMessaging platform designed to integrate with Zapier and other No-Code hubs, facilitating easier marketing and sales automation. It offers a significant feature, SMS Fallback, where iMessages automatically convert to SMS when sent to a non-Apple device. This ensures seamless message delivery regardless of the recipient's device type​​.

Our API supports sending iMessage, SMS, and MMS, with or without coding involved. The platform is user-friendly, allowing users to start sending messages quickly and efficiently. The Sendblue API adheres to REST API standards, enabling global sending of outbound iMessage and SMS. It includes features like form-encoding for requests and tracking the status of messages using webhooks​​​​.

Additionally, Sendblue provides a Group iMessaging Beta feature, allowing the sending of iMessages and SMS to groups. This functionality is useful for a range of applications, from client communication to personal messaging. Moreover, our integration with Twilio adds another layer of efficiency. The auto SMS Fallback feature in this integration means that if a recipient has an iMessage-enabled phone, Sendblue will automatically send an iMessage; otherwise, it falls back to SMS. This integration removes the need for users to distinguish between iMessage-capable and other phones, simplifying the messaging process​​​​.

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