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Generate SDKs for your API

Sideko provides everything you need to offer great API integration experiences. SDKs in 5 languages, documentation, and more all from your API specification.

Sideko offers a suite of tools and features to help developers and companies streamline and improve the way they offer API integrations.

Key Features of Sideko:

  1. SDK Generation: Sideko enables quick generation of Software Development Kits (SDKs) in various programming languages like Python, TypeScript, Go, Ruby, Rust, C#, and Java. This feature aids in simplifying the integration of APIs into different software projects.

  2. Customizable Documentation: The platform provides customizable documentation options, allowing users to tailor their API guides to specific needs. This includes the ability to hide internal APIs, add deprecation warnings, and offer copy-paste integration guides.

  3. Chatbot for Devs: Sideko includes a chatbot feature that allows developers to request SDK code snippets in natural language, facilitating easier and more intuitive access to integration codes.

  4. Request Chaining (Coming Soon): A forthcoming feature called Request Chaining is mentioned, which aims to construct common API workflows and potentially eliminate the need for extensive API guides.

  5. API Marketing: Sideko offers a directory where customers can discover APIs, providing a marketing avenue for API providers.

  6. Free Account and Easy Set-Up: The platform allows users to sign up for free and promises a quick start-up process. It also mentions a free SDK generator available on GitHub.

  7. Customization Capabilities: Users have the option to customize various aspects of the code, enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of their API integrations.

Sideko positions itself as a robust tool for developers and companies looking to improve and productize their API offerings. Its focus on ease of use, customization, and effective marketing makes it a potentially valuable asset for API integration and management.

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