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Find breaking changes in your OpenAPI specifications

Frevo is designed to assist teams in managing changes to their OpenAPI specifications, enhancing team workflow through clear API changelogs and documentation. Our main objective is to simplify API-driven workflows for teams, a goal we are continually working towards. Key features of Frevo include:

  1. Automatic Changelogs: Frevo automatically tracks changes in your API, maintaining a clear record of modifications without requiring additional effort.

  2. Notifications: Any changes in the API are directly communicated through Slack and email notifications. This feature ensures that teams are immediately aware of any potential breaking changes.

  3. API Documentation Page: We provide a comprehensive, user-friendly documentation page for your API, facilitating easier access and understanding for your team.

  4. Built-in Code Generation: Frevo offers the capability to convert your responses into other popular definitions such as TypeScript, JSON, JSDoc, and Zod. We are also planning to expand this feature with more options soon.

  5. Ease of Use: To utilize Frevo, you simply need to submit your OpenAPI URL. This initiation process triggers the suite of features offered by Frevo, including the automatic generation of changelogs, the setup of notifications, and the creation of a documentation page​​​​​​.

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