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Stuff to Do

Turn your todos into tadas with Airtable

Stuff to Do is a task-managment app built with Airtable that uses proven productivity methods to help you get stuff done.

Stuff to Do is a task management application offered by Olive Haus, designed to streamline productivity using established methods. It is built on the Airtable platform and features several functionalities aimed at enhancing task management:

  1. Proven Productivity Methods: The app employs the "Getting Things Done" methodology by David Allen, enabling users to efficiently manage tasks by capturing to-dos quickly and intuitively, either by jotting down notes or adding new tasks to the Inbox for later sorting​​.

  2. Task Management Features: It provides functionalities like scheduling, sorting, and delegating tasks directly from the Inbox. Users can tag tasks, set due dates, categorize them, and prioritize according to urgency or importance​​.

  3. Task Completion Simplification: The app helps break down tasks into smaller, actionable steps, making task completion more manageable and less overwhelming​​.

  4. Snooze Button for Tasks: For days when time is limited, the app offers a Snooze Button to defer tasks to the next day, helping users manage their workload more flexibly​​.

  5. Drag and Drop Functionality: Users can easily reschedule tasks by dragging them to a different date or removing them if no longer needed​​.

  6. Task Analytics: The app provides insights into which task categories consume the most time, aiding users in optimizing their schedules and priorities​​.

  7. Printable Lists and Reminders: For traditional task management, it offers printable lists, and it also includes reminder functionalities to ensure tasks don't slip through the cracks​​​​.

  8. Lifetime Access: The app offers lifetime access with a single payment, ensuring long-term usability without recurring costs​​.

  9. Additional Tools and Access: It includes planners, tasks and subtasks, a mobile app, and access to a Discord channel for community support​​.

In summary, Stuff to Do provides a comprehensive and user-friendly task management solution, incorporating various tools and features to assist users in effectively organizing and completing their tasks.

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