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Bank Statement Converter

Transform your bank statements to Excel, CSV, etc.


PRO Offer

$280 $400 / annual
You save $120

Starter Offer

$140 $200 / annual
You save $60

Bank Statement Converter simplifies converting bank statements into structured formats like Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets. It features an automated process that allows users to upload their bank statements, regardless of the format, and receive accurately extracted financial data. The service emphasizes ease of use, instant convenience, and accuracy, catering to users with or without technical skills. It supports various types of bank statements, including PDFs and scanned images, and ensures data security and privacy through robust encryption protocols​​.

The Features:

How It Works:

The system uses machine learning algorithms for table detection, enabling it to recognize and extract tables from bank statements accurately. Once the tables are identified, the converter swiftly processes the data into the desired format, ensuring precision and reliability.

Why I Created This:

Managing bank statements can be time-consuming, and manual data entry can lead to errors. I wanted to simplify this process, saving time and effort for individuals and businesses dealing with financial data regularly.

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