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SaaS boilerplate for NextJS and Supabase


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SaaS boilerplate based on NextJS and Supabase, which has everything one needs to create a full-stack web app: Landing Page, Database, Auth, Storage, Stripe payments (one-time and subscriptions), OpenAI APIs connection, Design elements, Email APIs.

Here are the key features of SupaLaunch:

  1. Integration with OpenAI API and Streaming: This feature allows for the incorporation of AI components, leveraging the capabilities of OpenAI.

  2. Supabase Authentication: SupaLaunch includes a system for user authentication, making it easier to manage user accounts and security.

  3. Stripe Payments: The kit comes with built-in support for Stripe, enabling both one-time and recurring payments within your application.

  4. Postgres Database and File Storage: Utilizing Supabase, SupaLaunch offers a ready-to-use Postgres SQL database and file storage solutions.

  5. Email Functionality: The ability to send emails programmatically from your app is facilitated through integration with MailerSend.

  6. Pre-Built Landing Page: SupaLaunch includes a landing page built with Tailwind CSS and DaisyUI.

  7. Selection of UI Themes: Users can choose from over 20 UI themes or create their own using TailwindCSS & DaisyUI.

  8. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Templates: The kit provides Markdown templates for Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, along with ChatGPT prompts to help customize them.

  9. Lifetime GitHub Repository Access: Users get access to the SupaLaunch GitHub repository, which is regularly updated with new features.

  10. Expertise of a Generative AI Engineer: SupaLaunch is created by Denis, a senior Generative AI Engineer with a passion for startups and product launches.

SupaLaunch aims to save time and resources for developers and entrepreneurs by providing a well-integrated, ready-to-launch framework for their projects.

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