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AI Chat with Twitter/š¯•¸ bookmarks. Search, organize & streamline reading with email digests. Export to Notion/Sheets.

š¯•¸ bookmarks and list companion for knowledge extraction. Chat with your bookmarks using AI; streamline your reading with email digests; export bookmarks effortlessly to Notion and Sheets; and efficiently search, curate, and organise your Twitter / š¯•¸ content.

Key Features of TweetSmash:

  1. AI-Powered Conversations with Bookmarks: TweetSmash allows users to unlock knowledge from their Twitter bookmarks using AI-powered conversations. This feature enables users to engage in dynamic interactions with their bookmarked content, simplifying the process of extracting relevant informationā€‹ā€‹.

  2. Customizable Digests: Users can create custom digests from their organized tweets, deciding how much content to include based on their preferred reading time. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to consume content in a more structured and time-efficient manner, whether they have just a few minutes or several hours to spareā€‹ā€‹.

  3. Content Organization and Filtering: TweetSmash offers tools for organizing bookmarks into different categories and applying filters to streamline content consumption. Users can set recipe filters to analyze writing styles of favorite authors or specific topics, ensuring that they read only what is most relevant to their interestsā€‹ā€‹.

  4. Conversion of Bookmarks into Newsletters: This feature allows users to transform their bookmarks into newsletters, offering more possibilities to organize and share their learningsā€‹ā€‹.

  5. Integration with Knowledge Base Apps: TweetSmash can synchronize curated tweets with Notion and Zotero, facilitating the export of all bookmarks and threads to these platforms. This integration enhances the ability to organize threads, replies, and research papers, streamlining the content creation workflowā€‹ā€‹.

  6. Bookmark Management Tools: The platform provides an in-built thread reader, groups bookmarked replies, supports reading on mobile devices through PWA (Progressive Web App), and allows users to organize their bookmarks with labels. These features make it easier for users to manage, search, and access their bookmarked content efficientlyā€‹ā€‹.

TweetSmash is a sophisticated Twitter curation tool designed to enhance the way users consume information from their Twitter bookmarks. It streamlines the organization, reading, and management of Twitter content, providing a seamless experience for users looking to extract more value from their bookmarked tweets.

Overall, TweetSmash is a zero-friction tool that significantly enhances the way users interact with and utilize their Twitter bookmarks, offering a range of features for content curation, organization, and managementā€‹ā€‹.

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