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AI Chrome extension to write emails, posts, tweets 10x faster

Transform hours of typing into seconds. Just type '/Genie Your Prompt;' and watch AI craft polished content effortlessly. From emails and LinkedIn posts to tweets, articles, blogs, and texts, let Genie do the magical writing for you.


Use Cases: Revolutionize your workflow

Effortless Translation, No Tab Switching Required With GenieeAI's custom prompts, effortlessly translate your messages from any language to English or your preferred language. E.g., In the video, I created a custom prompt /SE- Convert the text from Spanish to English, so it's converting it into English.

Get stuff done 10x quicker. Use /Genie for instant answers. You've never gotten stuff done this quick before.

Powerful shortcuts at your fingertips GenieeAI provides all the shortcuts you need to supercharge your workflow

✍️ Default Shortcuts

🛠️ Example Custom Shortcuts You can create your own shortcuts too!

Customizable and convenient, GenieeAI comes with dedicated support and respects your privacy. Get your license key and improve your workflow with GenieeAI.

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