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Convert your landing page to a conversion machine with our AI powered roast

Webroast is a web application that lets you roast websites with the help of artificial intelligence. You can enter any website URL and get a score and a feedback based on the design, performance, and content of the website. Webroast is a fun and educational way to improve your web development and design skills, and to discover new tools and resources. Webroast is the ultimate tool for web enthusiasts and/or founders looking to improve their conversion rates from their landing pages.

Webroast supports any valid and accessible website URL, not limited to web apps or landing pages. For each website, Webroast uses an artificial intelligence model to generate a roasting report with suggestions and tips. Webroast is also working on a social feature, where users will be able to share their roasts with others and vote for the best ones.

This service is designed to be entertaining and informative, making web design feedback available for a low price of $4(launch offer). It is ideal for web developers looking to improve their skills, get a fresh perspective, or challenge themselves with different websites. Webroast emphasizes the value of humorous yet helpful feedback, aimed at fostering creativity and growth in web endeavors.

Moreover, Webroast also helps you with visitors, since it adds all the roasted websites into its hall of roast, where people can access your websites from the app. This way, you can showcase your work, get more exposure, and attract more traffic to your websites. Webroast is not only a roasting tool, but also a promotion platform. 😎

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