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An affordable Typeform alternative

Youform is a no code drag and drop form builder with one question at a time format like Typeform with unlimited responses allowed in the free plan.

Youform is designed to facilitate the creation of conversational-style forms, ideal for collecting leads, surveys, and feedback. The platform is highly accessible and user-friendly, with a strong emphasis on responsiveness, ensuring that forms can be easily filled out on various devices, including mobiles, desktops, and tablets. This feature is critical in today's mobile-first world, as it allows users to interact with forms seamlessly across different devices​​.

Additionally, Youform offers a PRO version, which includes enhanced features such as custom domains, fully customizable forms tailored to specific brand identities, the ability to modify form URLs, and tools for team collaboration and workspace management. This version is particularly suitable for businesses seeking advanced functionalities and greater control over their form-building experience​​.

What sets Youform apart is its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which simplifies the process of form creation. This approach is particularly beneficial for users with little to no coding experience, enabling them to create professional-looking forms without the need for technical expertise. The platform's commitment to user-friendliness and accessibility makes it a strong contender in the realm of online form builders​​.

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