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App store alternative for web apps

Progressier makes it super easy to turn any existing web app into a powerful PWA installable on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Key features of Progressier include:

  1. Easy PWA Integration: It enables the integration of universal installation and push notifications into existing web apps within minutes, with no coding required​​.

  2. Full-Featured PWA Creation: Progressier leverages web technologies to transform websites into PWAs, providing a dashboard for managing push notifications, app manifests, and service workers. It also ensures the app is installable across various devices and browsers​​.

  3. Universal Installation Page: Offers a unique installation page for PWAs, emulating an app store experience without the typical app store hassles​​.

  4. Continuous Updates: The platform keeps PWAs updated with the latest browser improvements from major tech companies​​.

  5. Asset Generation: It creates splash screens, maskable icons, and other assets to ensure the app looks great on multiple platforms and browsers​​.

  6. Push API and Dashboard: Progressier provides tools to compose, preview, send, and schedule push notifications, syncing them with user data​​.

  7. Customization Features: Includes PWA promotion widgets, iOS splash screens, a no-code web app manifest setup, and a customizable service worker for advanced functionality​​​​​​​​.

  8. Broad Integration and Analytics: Compatible with most no-code builders and JavaScript frameworks, and provides PWA analytics for app launches and push subscriptions​​​​.

  9. Advanced Capabilities: Offers programmatic PWA creation, caching strategy builders, a screenshot designer, and a platform for aggregating app reviews​​​​​​​​.

  10. iOS Push Notifications: With recent updates, it now supports push notifications for iOS users, including those on iPads and iPhones​​.

Progressier is positioned as a user-friendly, no-code solution for creating and managing PWAs, enhancing web apps' functionality and reach. Additionally, they offer a 14-day free trial without requiring a credit card​​.

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