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The newsletter platform built for growth


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beehiiv is a dynamic newsletter platform engineered for growth, where simplicity meets innovation. Imagine it as a fertile ground where newsletter dreams sprout wings, all without the need for a single line of code or tangled integrations. From the get-go, beehiiv offers a 30-day trial that opens the door to a realm of possibilities for creators.

beehiiv features include:

  1. Create: Offers powerful editing and design tools for newsletters, providing a unique writing experience.

  2. Publish: Allows launching newsletters and websites quickly without coding, aiming for professional quality.

  3. Grow: Provides tools used by large newsletters to help users scale their audience efficiently.

  4. Monetize: Equips users with strategies and tools to earn revenue as if they had a full sales team, without the overhead.

These features are designed to help creators thrive in the inbox, making email marketing more effective and impactful.

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