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Platform to build and grow an AI influencer

Synthlife helps you create and grow an AI influencer from scratch, in minutes. No technical skills are needed for you to become a user that owns and runs socials of a Virtual Influencer.

Key Features of SynthLife:

  1. Ease of Content Management: SynthLife significantly reduces the time spent on content creation, particularly for platforms like TikTok, by up to 90%. This efficiency is crucial for maintaining a consistent presence on social media​​.

  2. Content Repurposing Across Channels: The platform enables easy repurposing of content across various channels, facilitating the growth of your AI influencer with minimal effort​​.

  3. Unique AI Influencer Creation: Users can build a unique face for their AI influencer persona, tailoring their virtual character to meet specific aesthetic and branding requirements​​.

  4. Social Media Integration: SynthLife integrates with various social media platforms, allowing for easy management of social profiles. This feature enhances the reach and engagement of the virtual influencer across multiple platforms​​.

  5. Content Generation and Scheduling: The platform offers auto-generation of content with various options like pose, clothing, and background. Additionally, it allows for scheduling weeks' worth of content in just an hour, providing tools like Auto Time Pick, Calendar View, and Auto Retweets​​​​.

  6. Pricing Plans: SynthLife offers various plans tailored to different user needs, including a basic plan for $29/month with 30 image generations and auto-scheduling, a Hobbyist Plan for $49/month with unlimited images and 20 TikTok/Youtube shorts, and a Creator Plan for $99/month, which includes unlimited images, auto-scheduling, integrations with platforms like Twitter, Patreon, and Instagram, and unlimited TikTok/Youtube shorts​​​​​​.

SynthLife is an innovative platform designed to simplify the creation, growth, and monetization of virtual influencers. It provides a comprehensive solution that requires no technical skills, making it accessible to a wide range of users interested in venturing into the world of virtual influencing.

SynthLife positions itself as a user-friendly and efficient platform for anyone looking to explore the potential of virtual influencers in digital marketing and content creation.

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