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Mass cold email subscriptions for agencies, startups and entrepreneurs

Start sending 150K+ cold emails for a flat monthly rate. From 85%+ inbox rate. No contracts, no setup fees. 10X your leads, meetings, and revenue with cold emailing subscriptions. Start and supercharge your growth now! Pause or cancel anytime.

Key features of MassInbox include:

  1. High Volume Email Sending: Users can send over 150,000 cold emails monthly at a flat rate. This high-volume capability is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to scale their email outreach significantly without incurring variable costs.

  2. 85%+ Inbox Rate: MassInbox assures an impressive inbox rate of over 85%, enhancing the likelihood of your emails being seen and engaged with by recipients. This high inbox rate is crucial for effective email marketing campaigns.

  3. No Contracts or Setup Fees: The service offers a liberating pricing structure with no binding contracts or initial setup fees. This flexibility is particularly appealing to startups and entrepreneurs who require scalable solutions without long-term financial commitments.

  4. Automated Email Personalization and Copywriting: MassInbox provides perks like email personalization and copywriting, ensuring that your emails are not only delivered at scale but also tailored to engage your audience effectively.

  5. Simplified Email Marketing Process: The platform takes care of the tedious aspects of email marketing, such as list building, domain setups, and crafting email content. This allows users to focus on other critical aspects of their business while MassInbox manages the email outreach.

  6. Pause or Cancel Anytime: Users have the flexibility to pause or cancel the service at any time, offering a user-friendly approach that accommodates changing business needs and priorities.

  7. Enhanced Lead Generation and Revenue: With its mass email capabilities and high inbox rate, MassInbox is designed to significantly boost leads, meetings, and revenue, making it an effective tool for business growth and outreach.

MassInbox is a powerful email marketing tool, offering a combination of high-volume email sending, personalized content, and user-friendly terms that make it an attractive option for a wide range of business needs​​​​​​​​​​.

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