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Notion website builder to build content-first websites!

Bullet allows you to launch your blog, build your website, manage your knowledge base, sell your courses, showcase your portfolio or create your unique directory using only Notion.

With Bullet, you get overpowered collaboration and the best content editor ever thanks to the power of notion. There is no better tool out there for content-heavy sites.


Use cases:

  1. Knowledge Bases

  2. Blogs

  3. Landing Pages

  4. Directories

  5. Portfolio

  6. Courses

How does Bullet work?

1. Notion As CMS.

Bullet makes use of notion as its CMS. Everything related to content and the website wireframe is managed in notion.

2. No-code builder.

You don’t need any coding skills to launch a website using Bullet. By duplicating our pre-built templates and editing the content in notion, you can publish your website in 3 simple steps.

3. Customizing your website.

Management of your header, footer, typography, colors, containers, domain, custom code, password-protected pages, Logo, and Favicon are all managed inside the bullet dashboard

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