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Turn your messy thoughts into actionable notes, with your voice

Got plenty of ideas but have trouble structuring them?

Let the AI do it for you! Just record yourself rambling your thoughts, and turn it into a proper note, talk list transcript, blog post, or anything you want!

Talknotes is an AI-powered voice note-taking application designed to transform spoken words into structured, editable text. Our app stands as the premier solution for converting messy thoughts into actionable notes quickly and efficiently. By simply speaking, users can have their words transcribed, cleaned up, and organized by our AI, saving hours that would otherwise be spent on manual note-taking.

The process is straightforward: first, record your voice speaking naturally without worrying about format or grammar. Next, choose a style for the transcription, which can range from a simple transcript to a task list, journal entry, or blog post. Finally, edit and organize your notes by creating folders, adding tags, changing formats, and sharing with others if needed.

Talknotes is versatile and supports over 50 languages, catering to a diverse user base. Our application is trusted by more than 2300 users and is highly effective in various use cases such as brainstorming, content creation, journaling, conducting interviews, managing meetings, and taking educational notes. Whether for personal, professional, or educational purposes, Talknotes enhances productivity and creativity by enabling users to capture their ideas on the go and effortlessly convert them into well-structured written content​​​​.

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