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Buy and sell micro startups in the pre-revenue stage or with revenue. Always under $25k!


10% OFF!

$89 $99 / annual
You save $10

BuyMicroStartups is a new marketplace to buy and sell micro-businesses under 25k dollars with no commission fee. It’s free to list your project, and pre-revenue projects are accepted on our platform.

This is the perfect world for indie hackers to sell their businesses, and the perfect world for buyers to find the perfect business to acquire and grow.

Key Features and Services of BuyMicroStartups:

  1. Marketplace for Micro Startups: It provides a marketplace where users can buy and sell startups at an early stage, with an emphasis on affordability and potential for growth.

  2. Commission-Free Transactions: The platform operates with a zero-commission guarantee, meaning all transactions occur without any fees, ensuring the full deal amount goes directly to buyers and sellers.

  3. Curated Listings: BuyMicroStartups curates startups, simplifying the process for buyers to find high-potential businesses and for sellers to reach interested buyers.

  4. Premium Membership: They offer a Premium Membership which grants users instant access to startup listings, direct seller connections, zero commission on acquisitions, new startup alerts, priority support, and a 7-day free trial.

  5. Seller Support: The platform guides sellers through each step of the process, offering expertise based on their experience in selling six startups themselves.

  6. Access to Financials: Buyers can access detailed financial information of startups, facilitating informed investment decisions.

  7. Subscription Management: Users can manage their subscriptions directly from their profiles and are notified before any charges.

  8. Refund Policy: A 7-day refund policy is available for Premium memberships, providing a risk-free trial for new users.

  9. Community and Support: The founders, Marc-Etienne and Domenico, emphasize building a community around micro startup investments and offer insights and support to both buyers and sellers.

In summary, BuyMicroStartups is a platform designed for buying and selling micro startups, focusing on businesses that are in the pre-revenue stage or generating revenues under $25,000. This platform offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors interested in small-scale, high-potential startups.

BuyMicroStartups is tailored for individuals seeking to invest in or sell small startups. It offers a streamlined, commission-free environment for transactions, coupled with a supportive community and resources for scaling and investment opportunities.