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The ultimate pre-launch tool for startups


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When it comes to creating a sense of anticipation and excitement for your upcoming product, LaunchList is the tool to have in your arsenal. It allows you to grow a base of eager early users who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

The experience is streamlined, with a seamless waitlist form integration that's paired with a built-in thank you page. It's no wonder that over 3,000 startups have placed their trust in LaunchList for their pre-launch campaigns, collectively pulling in a whopping 6M early users.

Key Features:

  • Build a Viral Waitlist: Create anticipation and excitement for your product. Grow a base of early users who can't wait to get their hands on your product.

  • Streamlined Experience: Smooth waitlist form integration with a built-in thank you page.

  • Trusted by Thousands: Over 3,000 startups trust LaunchList for their pre-launch campaigns, collectively amassing over 6M early users.

  • Customizable Forms: Design forms that resonate with your brand. No coding required, with unlimited customization potential.

  • Gamified Growth: Automate your waitlist's growth by rewarding users for referrals. Create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) through waitlist positioning.

  • Powerful Analytics: Gain insights from over 15 different data points, including location, device, referral channels, and more.

  • Spam Protection: Ensures genuine signups by filtering out spam and verifying email addresses.

  • Seamless Integration: Save hours of development time. A few clicks and you're set to go.

  • Stay in the Loop: Receive timely notifications of new signups.

  • Global Reach: Local language support enhances user experience and boosts conversions.

  • Team Collaboration: Bring in your team and assign specific permissions for better management.

  • High Usability: Manage and analyze user data with ease. From sorting options to detailed insights, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Other Notable Features:

  • Pre-built, no-code widgets.

  • Compatibility with all major frameworks and platforms.

  • Option to block certain email domains for signups.

  • Exportable data sheets.

Whether you're launching a new app, a digital product, or an innovative solution, LaunchList ensures you have a buzzing community waiting for it. Create your account today and experience the power of viral marketing!

Join thousands of other successful startups. Start building your waitlist with LaunchList.

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