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Install WordPress with a few clicks, make your backups, activate security rules and avoid attacks and infections and besides that you can enjoy Cloudflare Enterprise at no additional cost.


1 Site Monthly

$3.6 $6 / monthly
You save $2.4

1 Site Yearly

$29 $72 / annual
You save $43

In our long experience in the industry we have used hundreds of hosting and almost all are the same, a VPS to oversell with cpanel to hundreds of customers, and obviously, the performance and care is not the same, so we decided to take advantage of all this knowledge we have acquired and we have built our own hosting, obviously, the road is long and far to go but for sure your websites can be safe in our infrastructure, I'll tell you why:

In short, we provide you with a hosting that wants to treat your web sites with the utmost care, but we also give you a super powerful and easy to use panel.

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