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Make your website lightning fast

Introducing SpeedVitals, the next generation of web performance testing.

SpeedVitals is a powerful website testing tool aimed at improving Core Web Vitals. It uses Google Lighthouse to measure Lab Data and Chrome's User Experience API to measure Field Data, providing performance insights to help improve your website's speed, irrespective of the platform or technology the website is built on.

SpeedVitals is a feature-rich platform to help make your website faster:

  • Detailed Performance Reports: Gain in-depth insights into your website's performance to identify areas for improvement.

  • Batch Testing: Perform up to 35 Web Vitals Tests with a single click across many locations and devices.

  • Experiments: With no-code experiments, you’ll save a lot of time by testing suggested performance optimizations without the need to implement a single line of code.

  • Performance Monitoring & Alerts: Website Monitoring regularly checks performance and sends Email or Slack Alerts in case of regression.

  • User Configurable Test Options: SpeedVitals supports advanced test options such as Network Speed, HTTP Version, Ad Blocker, Throttling method, etc.

  • Global TTFB Test: Measure your server's response time from up to 40 global locations in one go.

  • Pro Optimization Tips: Receive platform-specific tips for optimizing your website's performance.

  • Browser Extension: Use the SpeedVitals extension to test a web page's speed without having to enter the URL manually.

Trusted by users from over 1000 companies, including Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly, and Edgio, SpeedVitals is dedicated to making the web a faster place with the help of cutting-edge technologies.

Ready to make your website blazing fast? Get started with SpeedVitals today!

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