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Clean up Google Drive, find and remove duplicate files, organize effectively, and manage storage smartly.

Filerev offers a free comprehensive scan of your Google Drive files, providing a fast, secure, and user-friendly way to organize your files directly in the cloud. This scan will show insightful details on how your storage is being used, identify clutter in your account and let you organize and clean up your files in Google Drive.

Filerev excels at finding all the duplicate files in your Google Drive account. You can easily review your duplicates and then individually delete the ones you no longer need or use the bulk delete tool to remove them with a simple click.

Filerev's storage analyzer for Google Drive is a game-changer as it enables you to browse through your folders based on size. This gives you a clear view of where the storage space is being used in your Google Drive account.

Filerev goes beyond just identifying duplicates and large files. We categorize your files for easy navigation, covering a wide range of types, including:

In every category, Filerev has powerful filters and bulk delete capabilities, giving you full control in finding files you no longer need and removing the clutter.

While everyone can access Filerev's comprehensive scan and basic organizational tools for free, we also offer enhanced usage limits and more features through our premium plans. These plans are ideal for users with larger Google Drive accounts or those who require more extensive file management capabilities.

Sign up for a free Filerev account and take the first step towards optimized Google Drive storage management. Experience firsthand how Filerev can transform your digital storage organization.

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