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AR color picker and identifier

Discover a universe of colors right in your pocket with col.or, the premier app designed for designers and developers. This app simplifies your creative process, allowing you to effortlessly create, generate, and convert colors with a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface. Build your color library and explore a world of vivid hues and shades, all tailored to enhance your design experience. With col.or, a seamless and colorful journey awaits at your fingertips.

• 📷 AR Color Detection: Simply point your camera to capture colors from the world around you.

• 🎨 Personal Library: Organize your favorite colors and access them anywhere with iCloud sync.

• 🔥 Color Trends: Stay ahead with access to the hottest color trends.

• 🔁 Versatile Formats: Convert colors into Swift, Obj-C UIColor, and other formats for seamless integration into your projects.

• 👁️‍🗨️ Eyedropper Tool: Pick any color from your screen for a perfect match.

• 👥 Easy Sharing: Copy and share Hex, RGB, and other color formats instantly.

• 🖼️ Color Extraction: Extract dominant colors from any image for a coordinated design.

• ↔️ Hex and RGB Converter: Effortlessly switch between Hex and RGB.

• 🌈 Expansive Color Names: Explore over 1500 named colors.

• 🏢 Brand Colors: Access a vast collection of over 1600 colors from 500+ brands.

• 🔎 Shades Explorer: Discover 10 different shades of any color.

• 🗣️ Siri Integration: Ask Siri to display a random color for quick inspiration.

•📱 Home Screen Widget: Enjoy random color generation right on your home screen.

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