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Design & publish forms in Figma

Weavely is a Figma plugin which enables you to design and publish forms. Enjoy complete liberty in designing your forms exactly the way you want in Figma and rely on weavely to turn your design into pixel-perfect web forms that you can share with respondents or embed in existing products and websites.

Key features of Weavely include:

  1. AI-Powered Form Building: Weavely uses AI to create forms based on simple descriptions provided by the user. This feature allows for the quick generation of forms complete with relevant form elements and content, tailored to the specific needs of the user​​.

  2. Customization and Design: The plugin offers extensive customization options, enabling users to modify the copy, type of form elements, and overall design to suit their specific requirements. This level of customization ensures that the forms not only function well but also align aesthetically with the user's brand or design preferences​​.

  3. Versatile Use Cases: Weavely is designed to cater to a variety of use cases, including user research, marketing, and surveys. For user research, it can build forms to collect valuable insights, feedback, and preferences, enhancing the understanding of consumer behavior. In marketing, it assists in capturing leads, customer inquiries, and event registrations, among other uses. The tool is also suitable for conducting various types of surveys, with no limit to the content or appearance of these surveys​​.

  4. Limitless Responses and Design Freedom: One of the standout features of Weavely is its ability to collect an unlimited number of responses, regardless of the response type (text, images, speech, or location). Additionally, it offers limitless design capabilities, enabling users to experiment and innovate with form structure, layout, colors, and typography, leveraging Figma's design tools​​.

  5. Integration with Figma: As a Figma plugin, Weavely seamlessly integrates with this popular design tool, allowing designers and users to create and publish forms within the familiar Figma environment. This integration makes the process of form creation more efficient and user-friendly, especially for those already accustomed to Figma's interface​​​​​​.

Weavely is an AI-driven form builder for Figma, offering versatile functionality, extensive customization options, and the ability to handle various types of forms and surveys. Its integration with Figma and the emphasis on limitless design and response capabilities make it a valuable tool for designers, marketers, and researchers seeking to enhance their data collection and user engagement strategies.

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