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Security compliance automated with AI is an AI-powered platform dedicated to simplifying the process of achieving and maintaining compliance with key security standards such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, and GDPR. Our platform is designed to streamline various aspects of compliance management.

  1. AI-Powered Policy and Procedures Generator: We provide an AI-powered policy and procedures generator, saving businesses potentially hundreds of hours in documenting their processes​​.

  2. Questionnaire Automation: Our platform features AI security questionnaire automation, allowing for faster deal closures. It generates answers based on your existing documentation and policies, which can be a crucial factor in sales and client interactions​​.

  3. Continuous Compliance: Beyond achieving initial compliance, our platform supports ongoing compliance efforts with an automated Information Security Management System. This system helps businesses to remain compliant over time​​.

  4. Generative AI for Policy Generation: We use generative AI to create any required policy for any compliance framework, catering to a wide range of compliance needs​​.

  5. Security Questionnaire Automation: The AI capabilities extend to responding to any security questionnaire in any format, based on your specific policies and documentation​​.

  6. Risk Register Management: We offer a risk register feature for adding, remediating, updating, and reporting on risks, complete with automated reminders to facilitate compliance processes​​.

  7. Vendor Risk Management: Our advanced vendor management platform assists in creating and managing a list of vendors and their associated risks​​.

  8. Automated Evidence Collection: The platform integrates with tools like Microsoft Active Directory, JumpCloud, and KnowBe4 for automated evidence collection​​.

  9. AI Risk Analysis: We provide AI-powered risk analysis against existing policies, documentation, and third-party vendors, offering a comprehensive risk management plan​​.

  10. AI Security Bot: Our AI Security Bot allows for interactive conversations with your policies and documents, responding to queries based on your documentation​​.

  11. Customizable Workspaces: Each workspace on is unique, allowing for the creation of unlimited workspaces with their own set of policies and procedures​​.

  12. Compliance Care and Support: Recognizing the complexities of compliance, we offer end-to-end support through our team of experts to assist businesses throughout the compliance process​​.

Our overarching goal is to help companies accelerate their sales processes by ensuring compliance with essential security frameworks. We understand that compliance is often a prerequisite for enterprises to consider buying software products, and our platform is designed to make this traditionally challenging process smoother and more efficient​​.

In summary, at, we are committed to building the world's best AI-powered compliance platform, focusing on making compliance a streamlined and efficient process for businesses of all sizes​​.

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