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An AI chatbot that connects to your data sources and services


OMG (Standard)

$79 $99 / monthly
You save $20

OMG (Unlimited)

$319 $399 / monthly
You save $80

Welcome to Chatwith, a cutting-edge AI chatbot platform for websites that does more than just chatting.

Chatwith isn’t your regular chatbot. Beyond conversations, it enables businesses to plug in their unique content and data sources. The result? Engaging interactions and increased conversions, all set up in mere minutes without coding.


Chatwith’s versatility shines, allowing users to connect it with platforms like Shopify or Hubspot. From facilitating Q&A sessions to collecting leads or enabling conversational searches, the possibilities are vast and varied.

Key Features:

Trained on your content, our chatbot is always informed. With 5000+ Zapier integrations and direct API connections, it remains updated and action-ready. Plus, integrating it onto your website is a breeze.

Branding & Analytics:

Ensure brand consistency with customizable chatbot aesthetics and voice. Serve global audiences with 95+ language options. And through interaction analysis, gain deeper insights into customer preferences.

In an era where timely and precise customer interactions make all the difference, Chatwith stands out as a superior, user-centric AI chatbot solution for businesses of all sizes.

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