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Add pricing cards and checkout pages to your website. Connect to your Stripe account, create cards in minutes, and copy two lines of HTML.

Dealo simplifies the integration of pricing cards into your website. We connect to your Stripe account and enable you to create pricing cards in minutes. Simply copy and paste two lines of HTML and you're done. Additionally, we can generate checkout pages for you.

Here's a comprehensive overview of what Dealo offers:

  1. Efficient Pricing Widget Creation: We enable users to build fully functional pricing widgets quickly using our set of templates. This feature is particularly useful for businesses looking to display pricing information clearly and attractively on their websites.

  2. Powered by Stripe: Dealo leverages Stripe to use the products you already have, allowing you to create a pricing widget in minutes. This integration ensures a seamless transaction process for both businesses and their customers.

  3. Easy Setup and Integration: Our platform provides easy setup options. Users can simply copy and paste code snippets onto their websites, integrating the pricing widget without extensive coding knowledge.

  4. Simplified Checkout Process: Dealo facilitates a frictionless checkout experience. We redirect customers to our checkout API and generate a checkout session for you, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

  5. Customization Options: Users can choose from our selection of templates, add products, and apply their brand colors. This customization ensures that the pricing widgets align with the website's design and brand identity.

  6. No-Code Solution: We offer a no-code solution, enabling users to craft widgets in under 15 minutes and integrate them seamlessly with any website.

  7. Time-Saving Design: Our platform is designed to save time, allowing users to set up their pricing structure in minutes, not hours.

  8. Comprehensive Support: Dealo is more than just a tool; we position ourselves as a dedicated partner, offering comprehensive support to our users.

  9. Dynamic and User-Friendly Experience: The checkout experience we create is dynamic and user-friendly, contributing to a positive user experience and potentially increasing conversion rates.

Dealo is ideal for businesses of all sizes that require an efficient, customizable, and no-code solution for integrating pricing widgets into their websites. We focus on empowering our users to manage their pricing structures effectively while ensuring a seamless customer journey.

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