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The easiest way to cleanup your images on macOS

OptiClean is an AI-powered photo retouch app designed for macOS. It can effortlessly remove unwanted people, objects, text, logos, or watermarks from your image with just a few clicks.

The AI model of OptiClean utilizes the Apple CoreML framework for complete local execution, allowing it to leverage the performance of M1/M2 chips fully. Your images will not be uploaded to any servers.

OptiClean employs advanced AI models and algorithms to provide efficient and effective image cleanup, enhancing the quality of various types of imagery, including photos, cartoons, and AI-generated content.

The main functionalities of OptiClean include removing unwanted people, objects, blemishes, wrinkles, or watermarks from images. It is optimized for Apple Silicon, ensuring smooth performance and efficient processing of images. The tool also offers offline functionality, allowing users to work on their images without needing an internet connection.

Targeted primarily at photographers, graphic artists, and AI enthusiasts, OptiClean simplifies the process of image enhancement. Photographers can use it to improve the quality of their photos, graphic artists for enhancing the visual appeal of their designs, and AI enthusiasts for refining AI-generated content.

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