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Manage, reveal, and resolve open development port clashes


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Discover and handle all your open development ports with ease.

Ever faced the frustrating experience of a port clash? Launching an app only to be told the port is already in use? With FindMyPorts those days are over. This tool reveals all your open development ports, allowing you to manage them seamlessly.


You try to start your application on port 3000, but the server fails. The error? Port 3000 is already occupied. You wonder, "Which terminal did I leave that running in?" Instead of searching aimlessly, just open "Find My Ports" to quickly find out.---

Key Features:

  1. Full Port Visibility

    • Never be in the dark about which ports are open or in use.

  2. More than Just Killing Ports

    • It's not about force-closing a port; it's about understanding what's occupying it and managing it effectively.

  3. Quick Launch Feature

    • Remember and initiate a previously executed process without the hassle.

  4. Open in Cursor / VS Code Integration

    • Jump right back into your preferred editor in no time. Code integration has never been this smooth.

  5. Auto Start Functionality

    • Always have "Find My Ports" ready when you need it. No need for manual starts.

No more error messages. No more frustrations. FindMyPorts is here to streamline your development process and make your development smoother than ever.

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