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Fintwit AI

Your AI copilot for investing

Fintwit AI uses advanced AI language models, taking into account a wide range of data points, including financial performance, technical indicators, and market trends to offer comprehensive stock evaluations which include projected price targets for short and long-time horizons, investment ratings, and risk assessments.

Receive personalized stock recommendations and tailored investment strategies that align with your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Key Benefits:

  • AI Top Picks: Find top stocks and ETFs to invest in now, or for long term

  • AI Stock Recommendation: Get personalized stock recommendation

  • AI Stock Insight: Get individual stock‚Äôs detailed investment thesis and ratings

  • Notification: Get daily and weekly notifications on stock recommendations

  • Stock Research Tools: Screeners, Financials,

For personal investors and investment professionals interested in the US stock market

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