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Pitch deck AI assistant


Lifetime Deal

$100 $200 / lifetime
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IntelliWebi is a startup pitch consultant that applies AI technology to provide feedback for your startup pitch deck, helping you raise funds and make a deep impression on investors.

This pitch deck consulting tool provides a complete analysis and tells you your strengths and weaknesses. 

Moreover, it offers an investor persona chatbot to practice your pitch and get instant feedback.

How Does IntelliWebi Work?

All you have to do is:

  1. Upload your pitch video

  2. Request analysis of your pitch

  3. Practice pitch with investor persona chatbot

  4. Check the feedback and share, It’s that simple!

Features of IntelliWebi:

Auto Captions:

Language habit analysis:

It provides a complete analysis of your language habits. This helps you understand all the bad language habits you had in your pitch.

Voice emotion analysis:

Pitch deck Presentation:

Investor persona chatbot:

SWOT analysis for startups:

Customer Testimonials of IntelliWebi:

”Just a simple video upload that allows me to analyze my pitch in depth! The voice-assisted chat-bot was really helpful for me to practice important questions, especially in such an early stage.” - Kevin Yar, TrueYouOmics

”I used Intelliwebi to analyze one of my speeches to describe my product and found it useful when it pointed out some of the missing parts I had to include to make my pitch persuasive. I will use the Intelliwebi before I pitch anywhere to make sure that I'm well prepared. Thank you for this amazing service!” - Tyler Sahib, Innobloc

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