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AI chatbot that fuel growth

EchoFox: The Ultimate AI Sales Assistant 🤖💸

Quick Setup: Go from sign-up to a live sales machine in under 3 minutes. It's your 24/7 sales robot, ready to convert!

🎨 Stunning Design: Stand out with one of the market's most stylish chatbot widgets. Say goodbye to clunky designs and hello to sleek aesthetics.

🚀 Instant Problem Solving: Address up to 70% of customer queries instantly with our conversational AI. Just a minute to set up and it's ready to answer business-related questions.

🧠 AI Tailored for You: Train the bot with your content. Upload PDFs, site URLs, and more to ensure accurate responses.

🤝 Human-AI Collaboration: Seamlessly integrate human touch. Real-time chat allows humans to jump into conversations whenever needed.

🔧 Fully Customizable:

📥 Enhanced Inbox: Manage customer conversations efficiently with our AI-boosted inbox. Perfect for team synchronization and rapid query resolution.

🔗 Team Collaboration: Tackle complex issues with features optimized for teamwork. Tag, assign, and share notes on-the-go.

📊 Data-Driven Insights:

💌 Engage & Convert:

👥 Collaborative Excellence:

EchoFox: Where AI meets human intuition, ensuring every visitor is a potential customer. Transform your sales journey today! 🌟📈